Introducing Open Supplier Performance – Letter from the CEO

Dear valued customers and future partners,

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our company’s evolution. What you’ve known as QMSC is now evolving into a more expansive and innovative entity — we are thrilled to introduce you to Open Supplier Performance.

Open Supplier Performance represents a reaffirmation of our core values: openness, collaboration, and a relentless focus on performance and quality. Our new identity reflects the depth and breadth of our capabilities while showcasing the future-focused direction we are embracing.

This new name is a reflection of both our history and our vision for the future. While our commitment to delivering top-notch Quality Management Systems (QMS) remains steadfast, we are broadening our horizons to concentrate more dynamically on supplier management and performance.

Our shift towards supplier performance stems from our keen understanding of its vital role in industrial manufacturing. Supplier performance impacts not just quality, but also customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, and overall business agility. At Open Supplier Performance, we are placing ourselves at the crossroads of these crucial business aspects, striving to bring you superior, all-encompassing solutions.

Our refined focus on supplier performance builds upon our QMS tools. Quality will continue to be integral to our current and future offerings, albeit with an enhanced emphasis on supplier performance and supplier quality.

With this exciting shift, we aim to give our customers more comprehensive insights into their supplier performance, aiding in risk management, improving decision-making, and driving efficient, sustainable growth.

This transformation reflects our company’s growth and our new name encapsulates an expansion of our vision and services we’ve always excelled at. We are on this path to growth because our customers have trusted us to solve their supplier and quality issues. You will always receive the same exceptional services, strong commitment, and trusted partnership you’ve come to expect from us.

We want to thank our dedicated customers for their trust and loyalty. As we embark on this new journey, we are committed to helping you meet the complex challenges of supplier management and exceed your performance goals. We are enthusiastic about this new phase and confident that it will unlock greater value and possibilities for all our stakeholders.

To our future customers, we extend a warm welcome. We’re thrilled to explore how our expanded services can benefit your operations and contribute to your success. We pledge to be a trusted partner in your journey towards improved supplier performance and streamlined operational efficiency.

As we celebrate this significant evolution, we remain as committed as ever to your success. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards achieving greater heights.

Here’s to our continued partnership and shared success,

Yours Truly,
Cameron Johnson